Footy’s Best Ever Half-Time Speech

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next address to your players, check out this beauty from John Lillico – Frankston Pines reserves coach in the mid-1970s. (It’s rumoured he only accepted the coaching job so he could get to use this speech!)

When I was a kid, I loved my toy trucks and my bike, but on my 10th birthday, my parents gave me a box of 20 wooden soldiers. How I loved those toy soldiers. Every day after school I raced home and set up my men. I played war games with them, staged battles in every corner of the garden, repelled every enemy. All weekend I played with those soldiers. They never lost a fight. Of course, they were just toy soldiers, made of wood. They just stood there, wherever I put them. But in my mind they were real—they ran, and fought and never surrendered. Their paint faded, and parts fell off, but still I loved those wooden soldiers. [Voice down to a whisper…] Then one day Mum called me in at tea time, and I forgot to pack up my soldiers. I left them standing in the front garden. The next morning when I came outside, my soldiers were gone. Stolen! I was heart-broken. Inconsolable. I thought they were lost forever [barely audible]. My 20 wooden soldiers gone… [long pause] … WELL, I GOT THEM ALL BACK TODAY!

Send us a comment below if you have come across any great speeches in local sport.





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