Damian Bonner – 2015/16 Junior Coach of the Year

Cricket is a game of resilience and when it comes to coaching, few are better equipped than Damian Bonner to teach players how to overcome the challenges that sport and life can throw your way.

Damian was recently awarded the 2015/16 Cricket Coaches Australia – ‘Junior Coach of  the Year’ for Victoria. Recognition for his incredible impact on a group of players from the Gisborne & District Cricket Association (GDCA). Continue reading “Damian Bonner – 2015/16 Junior Coach of the Year”


How to Build Your Coaching Philosophy – John Wooden

Over 14 years at UCLA, John Wooden crafted his coaching philosophy into a 15 step Pyramid of Success. His character-based approach led to unrivalled success, winning 10 national basketball championships in 12 years. In 2009, John Wooden was named ahead of Vince Lombardi and Phil Jackson, as the Greatest Coach of All Time by The Sporting News.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, or coach; there is much to learn from this inspirational leader. By exploring Wooden’s life and legacy, you can build your own coaching philosophy through identifying your values and vision of success.

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Is Winning the Final Game of the Season All That Matters?

This season the Golden State Warriors set an NBA record for the number of wins across the regular season, finishing with 73 wins & 9 losses. However, their season is being regarded as a failure, having lost the championship to Cleveland in Game 7 of the finals. Continue reading “Is Winning the Final Game of the Season All That Matters?”