Simple Recruiting Strategies for Local Sporting Clubs

In a world where Paul Pogba signs with Manchester United for £89m, you can be forgiven for thinking that success in recruiting is based purely on the size of your wallet. However, local sporting teams can still attract quality new recruits, without breaking the bank, by following these three simple rules.

Avoid the Cold Call

If you have ever worked in telemarketing, you’ll know that cold calling doesn’t have  a high success rate. After identifying a potential recruit, first seek to sound them out through someone they already know. Through ‘mutual friends’ on Facebook and Linked-In ‘common connections’, it’s easy to set up an informal conversation to gauge potential interest and plant the seed of thought of joining your club in their mind.

Showcase Your Club

When it comes to meeting with the player, don’t decide that going to the pub and paying for their parma is the way to showcase what makes your club different.  Use the opportunity to promote what is unique about your club by introduce them to the facilities, the people, sharing stories of your history and presenting the vision for the future. Showcasing your club allows the player to get a feel for the club beyond words and will separate you from competitors.

Premiership recruits: Burgoyne, Guerra, Lake and Gibson – Attracting players from opposition clubs has been a cornerstone of Hawthorn’s success in the AFL.

Appeal to Their Motivations

Preaching to recruits about how they are the missing piece that will turn your team into premiership contenders is another common mistake. Rather than approaching the pitch solely from your interests, seek to understand how you can appeal to the motivations of your recruit. It’s not what the player can do for your club, but what your club can do for the player that will have the greatest influence on gaining their commitment.

One Player Is Not the Answer

While recruiting and attracting new players is important for local sporting clubs, the priority of keeping contact and retaining your current playing group should not be neglected. Coaches should always prioritise making incremental improvement to their entire playing list, rather than thinking one new recruit is going to solve all your problems. Investing in a junior program and ensuring you having support around you is the best avenue to creating an environment where every player has the opportunity to improve and build towards sustained success.

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