Cricket Coaching – Session Plan #1

This cricket coaching session plan has been designed as a template for coaches to follow with their teams during net training. The activities and drills can be tailored to all ages and abilities. 

Before Training

Individual Ball Skills:

  • Figure 8’s around the knees
  • 180 knee catch
  • Elbow flick catch
  • 360 arm catch
  • Clap front and back catch
  • Catch behind the back

 Warm Up

  • Zig zag catching: Players line up facing each other in a zig-zag formation. The first player throws 5-10 balls and once the last ball has been thrown runs down to join the end of the line.
  • Relay throwing race: Collect the balls and the players from each line spread out to form a relay team. Have one ball at the end and compete who can get the ball to the end of the line and back with every player catching and throwing the ball.
  • Bowlers split up across the nets, the first 4 bowlers to hit stumps get to pad up first (Include wicketkeeper in the spinner/medium pace net)

Main Session

Pad up 4-8 batsmen depending on numbers, batsmen rotate through the following circuit (3 minutes each net)

  • Net 1 front foot drop balls – focus on keeping back leg stable and sniffing the ball.
  • Net 2 facing pace bowling
  • Net 3 underarm throws – back foot shots
  • Net 4 facing spin/slow bowling

Game to Finish

T-Ball Cricket  

T-Ball Cricket is a great game to develop players game sense and ability to field under pressure. The rules are the same as t-ball but with stumps instead of plates. No gloves except for the wicketkeeper at home plate. Batters use a witches hat to hit off and can be out caught or run out at each base. After 3 outs the batting side changes over. Play as many innings as time allows.

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