Cricket Coaching – Session Plan #2

This cricket coaching session plan has been designed as a template for coaches to follow with their teams during training. The activities and drills can be tailored to all ages and abilities. 

Before Training

Individual Bat & Ball Skills:

  • Hitting the ball with the face
  • Hitting the ball with the edge
  • Around the world

Warm Up

  • Keepings Off: Players split into two teams. Players pass the ball around with 5 catches in a row scoring 1 point. You can’t give the ball back to the person you got it off. If the ball hits the ground it is turned over to the opposition.
  • Pairs throwing at a stump: Players pair up and throw at a stump. The first 4 players to hit the stump go and pad up to bat.

Main Session

  • Net 1: Front foot drop balls aiming for the stumps at the other end
  • Net 2: One bowler at a time – 10 balls, 1 point for hitting the stumps, 2 points outside off stump, 10 points for hitting a target set on a good length.
  • Net 3: Batsmen facing pace bowling
  • Net 4: Batsmen facing spin bowling

Game to Finish

Bombardment Cricket  

A fun game for testing the distance players can hit the ball and getting fielders to practice calling their name when catching a high ball.

Equipment: Cones/Net, 2 cricket bats, 1 ball.

Rules: Players split into two teams either side of a line made from cones in the middle of playing area.

Each side takes turns hitting a skied ball from an under-arm feed into the area guarded by the opposing side. If the ball hits the ground then the team that hit the ball gains one point. The first team to 5 points wins.




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