Cricket Coaching – Session Plan #3

This cricket coaching session plan has been designed as a template for coaches to follow with their teams during training. The activities and drills can be tailored to all ages and abilities. 

Before Training

Two Person Ball Skills:

Quiet Catching, One-hand, half-volleys, side to side, over the shoulder, getting to the ball on the second bounce.

Warm Up

  • Batting Relay Race: Practice the batting skills from the last session through a batting relay race. Players hitting the ball on their bat while running around a cone 10 metres away, before returning to pass the ball onto the next in line. If the ball hits the ground, the whole team has to go down for a push-up. The first group to finish gets to pad up and bat first .

Main Session

Bowlers aim to take three wickets across each batting group.

– If the Batters win, the bowlers run to the fence and back with the last 3 back doing 10 push ups. If the Bowlers win, the batters run five 3s. You can also use a whiteboard to record the bowlers take wickets during the session. 

Game to Finish

In The Box 

This game tests your batter’s ability to judge gaps and your fielder’s ability to make run outs from distance.

Batter’s hit of a tee between the front two cones, then aim to run around the stump and make it back before being run out by one of the four fielder’s.




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