About Us

The Half-Time Address supports amateur coaches to get the most from their teams and themselves. We explore the lessons from the most success leaders in sport and business and how these can be applied at a local level. We exist to create a network of coaches that support and assist each other through shared knowledge, experience and resources.


Founder: Karl Mayne

Karl’s coaching philosophy is built on the values of Enjoyment, Respect and Empowerment.

Growing up in Ballarat, Karl became exposed to modern coaching philosophies and the drivers of high performing teams from an early age. Through connections at the Lake Wendouree FNC, Karl completed work experience with Leading Teams. The principles of player empowerment, honest conversations and defined expectations have shaped the coaching approach he now applies.

Now living in Melbourne, Karl is in his third year as the playing/coach of the Brunswick Cricket Club in the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association. Karl has also recently been appointed as Head Coach of the under-18 Central Highlands region and Assistant Coach of the under 15 North West Wizards, competing in the Cricket Victoria State Championships.

Karl’s passion for improving as coach combined with his business interests resulted in creating The Half-Time Address, with the goal to support fellow coaches in getting the best from their teams and themselves.


Contact Us

Please contact us if we assist you and your coaching in anyway.



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