Four Key Factors To A Healthy Club

The health of a club extends well beyond its win/loss column. Many important aspects of player management are overlooked by local sporting teams and can quickly disrupt a stable team environment. Assess whether your side is on the right path through these four key indicators.   Continue reading “Four Key Factors To A Healthy Club”


Better People Make Better All Blacks – Lessons From the World’s Most Successful Team

Boasting a 77% winning record, the two most recent World Cups, and a record 18 consecutive victories – New Zealand’s national rugby side, known as the ‘All Blacks’, is the most dominant side in world sport.

Their phenomenal record is unmatched by any team, across any code. Their success has largely been credited to the rituals and culture built by Graham Henry and continued by current coach Steve Hanson. By adopting the key principles applied by the world’s most successful team, you too can build sustained success and a lasting legacy within your club.

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Cricket Coaching – Session Plan #2

This cricket coaching session plan has been designed as a template for coaches to follow with their teams during training. The activities and drills can be tailored to all ages and abilities.  Continue reading “Cricket Coaching – Session Plan #2”

Perform Under Pressure – 3 Guaranteed Ways to Master the Inner Game

The importance of ‘training the mind’ is now widely acknowledged. Sports psychologists are employed by majority of world class athletes and teams, while mindfulness techniques have been incorporated into modern training programs.

In his 2013 book ‘Serve to Win‘, Novak Djokovic details how he practices mindfulness meditation for 15 minutes every day, stating it has released him of negative emotions such as self-doubt, anger and worry, and has made all the difference to his mental approach on the court. 

Three of the most popular resources when learning how to master the mental game are summarised below. Use these techniques and methods to gain  control over your player’s self-doubts and nerves, so you can rely on them to deliver when it matters.  Continue reading “Perform Under Pressure – 3 Guaranteed Ways to Master the Inner Game”

Laurie Lawrence – Preparation, Passion and Pride

While there is plenty of colour coming from the Olympics in Brazil, one piece missing from the games experience for Australian fans is the vibrancy and enthusiasm of supercoach Laurie Lawrence.  We take a look back at his coaching career and the lasting legacy left on our proud sporting nation. Continue reading “Laurie Lawrence – Preparation, Passion and Pride”